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American Transcription Institute has an excellent Placement Assistance Program for our graduate students interested in working from their home or in an office environment. References of past students are available upon request. We help place you locally or nationwide and will assist in resume writing and setting up of interviews from our pool of hundreds of employers that have hired from us in the past.



Susan H. -

"Thank you for making our graduation such a special event." " I have to say that attending ATI has been the most enjoyable and rewarding experience." "If you need a student reference please call on me" "Thanks to all the teachers, my goal is to some day reach your level of excellence."




Kathy N. -

"I so enjoyed my school experience and will miss seeing all of you on a regular basis."  " I know that I will adjust to my work as I progress along, and I attribute that to the preparation that my instructors provided for me to do well"



Ingrid B. -

"I just wanted to take the time to appreciate you for your patience and understanding during my enrollment at ATI. Without your support and understanding, I might have never finished the program, received my diploma, or been able to look forward to a career in transcription and for that I am eternally grateful." Thanks again, you guys are awesome."




Candace L. -

"The staff at ATI took a sincere interest in me as I completed my training for Medical transcription." " I believe this helped me a great deal succeeding in the program."  I am thankful to all of you, I am now working at home on a full-time basis, and making the kind of money I wanted." I love being at home with my kids and being in control of my paycheck." Thanks again"!




Marsha M. -

"As a graduate of American Transcription Institute I have enjoyed working as a Medical Transcriptionist." The freedom of being at home with my children when they need me and making a good living at the same time has been very rewarding."  " I even get to work in my pajamas and without make-up sometimes if I choose. " No one to care what I look like and the freedom to take a break whenever I need one is wonderful." " Now that I have found this profession I cannot imagine doing anything else whether it be at home or working in an office when my children are older." " Thanks again for everything."








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